Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lessons from the Bible and a Dove

For now, Noah's Bible lessons will be coming from the Adventure club program at church which begins this Thursday for the new school year. I'll be expanding on the lesson throuhout the week, preparing him for his Thursday class.
We had a few lessons left over from the spring when Noah missed a few weeks when Annabelle was born. So I used them for last week and this week.

You already know I was feeling a little anxious and very excited about school starting. I put in hours of preparation for the lesson plan for the year and our weekly and daily schedules. Amazingly, the first lesson we worked on had this verse (I think I shared it before,)"'I know what I have planned for you,' says the Lord." Jeremiah 29:11
That really spoke to my heart last week as I realized that all my well laid plans were really in His hands. My nervousness melted away as confidence grew. I carried it with me through the whole week and as we began the new week yesterday. Noah and I are really clicking and he seems to have gotten through the learning block he was struggling with and is now just absorbing everything. It is so awesome to witness!Feeling very good, I opened the next lesson and found this verse: "God gave these four men wisdom and the ability to learn." Daniel 1:17a
Can I hear an "AMEN?"
If you haven't found it yet, you can follow our first grade year at

Now, let me say that I have such a wonderful man! Tonight I came home so exhausted and really ready to crash. Noah was too excited to wind down for devotions and prayer and had to tell Daddy about his entire day. Bronwen didn't want me to leave after we tucked them in, but she was much better tonight, so I thought I just might be able to crash on the couch for a little reading, or if Josh doesn't need the computer, maybe a little writing! But Annabelle was having a difficult time settling in, which is pretty unusual for her. So she wasn't able to calm down until close to 9. When I came downstairs and plopped down at the computer, I found a card and a Dove DARK chocolate bar!!! (I can't tell you how much I was needing chocolate tonight.) The card and candy was to thank me for editing his papers for class. . . and for thinking about making dinner for him last night. Yes, that is all I did - just think about it. I had such a full day yesterday, that I forgot to get the crock pot out first thing in the morning, so I was going to as I was dashing out the door. But he stopped me and told me not to worry about it. Gee, if that's what I get for only thinking of making dinner, I wonder what I would get if I actually did make dinner! He's awefully understanding as I'm trying to get our schedule balanced. He's wonderful and I don't deserve him.

Here's where I need to do just a little more bragging about him. He's almost finished with his MBA from the University of Phoenix (well,6 more classes to go- he'll be done next August.) In the class that just finished last night, he's carried a 100% until the last paper. His team mate forgot to correctly site a few sources on the joint effort, so they received a 96% making Josh's 100 drop to a 99. He just turned in a 28 page paper for the last class, so he doesn't have that or the final grade yet. Do you think he should go to Phoenix for graduation?


Brittani said...

Aww thats sweet!
Good for Josh- he is doing a great job (did he get my card?)

Give the kids my love- miss you too!
Yeah I'm not enjoying French :(

Christine said...

Jeny, Thanks for sharing the sweet things going on in your daily life. I'm so glad to read it all - and blessed to see a bit of it. Noah was obviously excited about learning when I saw him on Sunday. Glad to hear you've found a good groove. And give my big brother a big hug for being so good to you. And a big pat on the back for being such a hard worker - and so stinkin' smart!! Love you all!