Friday, September 21, 2007


I just caught a sweet conversation Noah and Bronwen were having at the lunch table. Bronwen had just bitten her tongue and as she was wimpering Noah sweetly said, "Awe, did you just bite your tongue? I know that hurts because I bit my tongue once too."

Bronwen said, " [gasp] Oh my word! what happened?" (She is very dramatic) She quickly forgot her pain and listened as Noah described his really bad tongue bite from a year and a half ago.

We went to the ER for this one, so it made a big impression on him. After 4 hours waiting to see the Dr. he sent us home saying they don't stitch tongues because it would be too traumatic and that they heal really quickly anyway. He did want us to see a specialist in a week though, just to be sure that it did heal properly and that his speech wasn't affected. Here's a picture of the wound, the day after. It had completely closed up and was just a line across his tongue. You don't even want to know what it looked like when it happened. We never did see the specialist. It was amazing to watch it heal.
Well, Noah's story got her mind off of her own pain and it was a treat for me to listen in. And now . . .nap time! (for Bronwen, not for me.)


Christine said...

It still makes my stomach turn. Noah's such a sweet boy. That's a great testimony of how God can use our pain for good.
Love you, Honey. And miss you so much. I hope we can catch up soon. xoxo

Cory and Beth said...

Your kids are just precious!

jodyfoznot said...

Bronwen's flair for drama cracks me up. She is such a sweet little character! And how touching of Noah to comfort her with the story of his own experience. I second what Christine said!

Love you!