Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Top 10 reasons every woman should take it all off and start again:

10. it takes so little shampoo and really no conditioner when it's only half an inch long. It also makes for very short showers!

9. hair dries in about 30 seconds with the hair dryer so you're ready in a flash

8. you can't mess it up

7. you'll love how it feels when you run your hand through it - so soft

6. your kids or your honey will love how soft it is too

5. it helps you realize who you are and how much you hide behind your hair

4. it's a great thing to do for the health of your hair

3. you'll have fun coming up with silly comments when asked "why did you do that?!"

2. you get to see what shape your head is (hmm, I guess a tight bun would take care of this one.)

and the number one reason:

1. it will help you understand your hair pattern, your hair's pros, cons and how it grows

I never knew that my hair grows forward toward the middle. Each of my kids had this pattern as they grew from their newborn baby down hair to their more mature locks, and I kept wondering where they got it? Must be from Josh's side. And I would examine his head when I cut his hair. They also have double cowlicks in the back of their heads. Every one of them. Where in the world did they get those?! Or the nasty one up in front where the girls could have had bangs but for that half swirl. Yep. From me. Never knew that until recently.

It goes very easily into the new hot faux -hawk style!

And now the real reason for my shearing.


I think I'll keep you guessing.

It's only hair. It'll grow back!


Jayme said...

Cute post! You have me convinced...but, then there's Scott who would disown me ;o)

jodyfoznot said...

Jeny, I'm getting caught up with you here today. And missing you, too.

Your hair looks adorable on you! You have such beautiful features that you can pull off any style with ease. I really like the color, too!

It's funny that you wrote a hair post, because I'm formulating one of my own. And a girl doesn't usually want to write a hair post if she is having perfect hair. Or even good hair. Unless she's made a drastic change, as is true in your case. :o)

Elizabeth said...

Just a few more inches until I can donate, then I'll be right there with you!