Wednesday, March 24, 2010

presents for Annabelle

After her morning breakfast of pancakes with ice cream, Annabelle prepared to open her gifts.

"What in the world?"
"Oh! It's a bow!"

Still on the petite side of the scale, Annabelle is barely bigger than the gift bag!

Badly needed hair accessories. When I try to sweep her hair back with my hand, she'll put her head forward, allowing the hair to fall back and say, "Mom, I like my hair that way."

A pretty dress from Daddy

Now, what do we have here?
These instructions are a bit difficult to understand.

Oh well, I'll just smile and hold it like this.
(Actually she was quite excited to have this little house.)

Close your eyes Annabelle!

You have to keep them closed . . .
No peaking!

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