Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Every bit Annabelle

These are some of the things I hear from my little Belle:

Me: You didn't take a very long nap.
A: Yes I did! It was 3 snaps long.

Some days she lets her yiddish slip:

"Mama, your baby is schlucking his schlumb!"

One morning both girls were supposed to breakfast on their unfinished meal from the night before:
Me: girls, you don't have to finish your supper for breakfast. . . I'm going to give you grace this morning
A: okay! I'll have mine right here (pointing to the tray on her high chair).

Other times you can hear her say, "Can I enjoy you?" Which means she wants to join you in what you're doing or where you're sitting.

Recently she told me she's going over two to three.

Well little one, today is your birthday . . . you went over to three!
I don't know how it happened. It seems like you were just a little baby in my arms yesterday.
But you've made our lives so much richer and filled our home with much more laughter.
I love you!


Jayme said...

Man, I love it when you take the time to write down these things. You will always wish you had written down even more. How precious. Happy Birthday, Sweetest Annabelly.

jodyfoznot said...

She is so precious. I love the way her sweet little mind works. What a joy is that Annabelle!

Danielle said...

I love you, old friend. And little Belle, too. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to getting together this summer. I hope our gas budget can afford lots of trips to Mishawaka/SB parks!