Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How to make green eggs and ham sandwiches

Oh look! a double yoke . . . how lucky.
I used about five eggs for each batch. whisk together in a bowl.
Add a smidgen of blue food coloring and cream and whisk again.
Yellow and blue make green.
Don't use too much coloring or you'll end up with a bluish egg instead of green. You can correct this by adding more eggs - if you need that much mixture. It's better to be really careful with the blue.

lightly grease the skillet to prevent the egg from sticking. pour the liquid egg mixture into the hot skillet and cook for a couple of minutes lifting the edges to allow some of the more liquid egg to get under and cook. When there's just a little wetness on top, gently and carefully flip the egg pancake over to finish cooking.

Ease cooked, green egg pancake onto a plate.
Cut into circles (or really any shape) with a cookie cutter.

Lightly spread bread with mayonnaise. Layer shaved ham and egg circles and top with another slice of yummy bread. I didn't salt the egg, since the ham tends to be salty, but you could add salt if you wanted.

Use this same method of coloring the eggs to make scrambled eggs, but instead of letting a huge pancake cook in the pan, use a spatula to scramble the egg as it cooks. I also add a dollop of sour cream to the eggs for a richer taste when I'm scrambling them. You could use cream cheese too. Just make sure to melt it a little so it mixes more easily.

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jodyfoznot said...

Looks yummy, even though it's green! I love your blogs new face lift, btw!