Monday, March 9, 2009

Following a new plan

There is such peace and sweetness in the center of His will. Even when well made plans change on the last minute. To anyone on the outside looking in, this might be a good reason for anger, great frustration or fear.  But to one who has also experienced His leading, and obeyed, we share a mutual understanding of the peace that envelopes. 

With just two weeks before ground breaking, our plans to build a new home crumbled. Throughout the whole process, we had been broken before the Lord and had asked that he stop our plans if this is not what He wanted for us.  So when the news came it did not bring the stress and upset. We were very grateful that we were stopped from making a mistake.

So now we look for a new home and He has opened so many doors! In the last week we have seen over a dozen houses of the forty our realtor found for us. This weekend we have at least seven more to visit. It has been a whirl of business as we are also showing our home to prospective tenants who will need to occupy by June.  

Suddenly the slow movements of before have picked up the pace and there is a little more urgency. But we continue to rely on His leading and we will follow.



Kristine said...

Being humble to the Lords leading is the best thing you can do. :) Look forward to seeing you soon.

Much Love.

jodyfoznot said...

I love your precious heart. Your are such an example of serving him wholeheartedly. I know that God has the perfect place in mind for you. I can't wait to see what he has picked out!

Jayme said...

Its so exciting to know He is leading you slowly but surely to the perfect home! Can't wait to find out where! Love you.

Mandi said...

How great it is to have the Lord guide us in such amazing ways. God bless Jeny. I hope you find the perfect home for your sweet family very soon!