Sunday, March 22, 2009

Renewal and Remembrance

Spring is here and with that great expectation of renewed life, my thoughts turn toward an inner renewal of my heart and mind. I've enjoyed reading from and talking with others about what they are doing to prepare themselves for this season of remembering our Savior's sacrifice. 

As this year begins we've made some additions to our spiritual growth. We are observing the Sabbath and Celebrating the Feasts. It is something I hope will become a permanent part of our worship and our spiritual journey while waiting for our eternal home. Our Sabbath is still on Sunday for now but will begin Saturday night with Shabbat meal. I know that purposefully observing a day of rest will be a blessing for my family.

It was to celebrate the Feast of Passover that Jesus entered Jerusalem, on the back of a borrowed donkey, praised as the King of the Jews. He willingly did this knowing that by the end of the week these same people would hand him over to be crucified as their worst criminal. But this was the very reason He came!
He was the sacrifice for us so that we might spend eternity with Him. He had to die to rise again, conquering death, to give us eternity.
"O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?"  I Corinthians 15:55

His Passover Seder (the last supper) was a beautiful and literal taste of his prophesied death.

For the last few years we have attended a Passover Seder as part of our observance of Easter. And so this year I am looking forward to celebrating Passover more fully as it takes the place of Easter and we celebrate The Lamb.


Kristine said...

I know that this will be such a HUGE blessing for your family, as it has been for mine.:)

Jayme said...

Awesome Jen! I would love to hear about how you plan to celebrate the differnt feasts...

Elizabeth said...

Thinking of you today :-)

jodyfoznot said...

I pray that God pours out love and blessings and nearness to you this Easter as your family celebrates together.

Love you,

Mandi said...

Where do you go to celebrate Seder? Just curious :). Beautiful post.