Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring birthdays

This year my girls will celebrate their birthdays with one party. 
The little pixies are in for a treat!

edit: Saturday morning, Bronwen had a friend over for a pixie tea party. These fairy tutus were very simple to make and each girl wore one. The girls collected treasures from the back yard in a little pouch and then came in for a little manicure. They were allowed to take their tea in the front room where food is usually verboten. 

Saturday evening the family came over to celebrate both girls, Annabelle turned two last week and Bronwen will be four in two weeks.
The kids enjoyed another treasure hunt in the back yard before coming in for dinner.
It was a really sweet day. Thank you my dear family for making my girls feel so special.

(I borrowed these pictures from Christine because I still cannot download my own pictures.)


jodyfoznot said...

Gorgeous! The cake, the tutus, the girls! What a perfect party theme for the two of them. You're so, so creative and crafty (not the sly kind) to make each of the girls a pixie costume.

Love the pictures.

Jayme said...

Oh, how I wish I could have been there. That cake is fantastic. Literally, quite fantastical. You're so artistic!

Kristine said...

Liah had such a great time. She loves spending time with Bronwen but to spend time with just the girls and no older brothers was an even better treat.;)

Mandi said...

Beautiful cake! Jeny...I love you so much. I'm laughing right now b/c normally my Micah ends up doing what Noah did the year before for his birthday party. Without speaking to you or knowing your plans, Halle had a very small tea party birthday. What are the chances? I guess great minds do really think alike ;)!