Monday, March 30, 2009


It occurred to me that I still have not written anything about something else that is sprouting around here. That would be me and the newest member of our family, "Sprout", due to arrive in early August.
We delayed in making the news known until we could make sure that our children, well Bronwen, was ready to handle this knowledge. (Until recently she was still checking into the possibility of sending Annabelle back from whence she came.)
Happily, Bronwen was very excited and actually wants a brother!

And that is why I've added the new ticker at the top of this page.


Elizabeth said...

Will this be the middle name? ;-)

Arin said...

Awww Jeny, congrats! Four is a great number!


p.s. I'm not a blog snob, if you want an invite to mine, I'd be happy to! :)

jodyfoznot said...

So happy to read this here! I pray your feeling a little better as each day passes.

Wow, you're over halfway done! I can't wait to welcome a new love one.

And Arin is right...four is a great number! (For now!) ;o)

Much, much love,

Mandi said...

Congrats dear friend! I wish life could afford us a bit of time to actually catch up :)...until then, you are in our prayers!