Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The days are just filled

Jayme is still home and we have enjoyed spending as much time with her as possible. It feels like maybe she won't be able to come back again for awhile, so we have squeezed lots of fun into the last two and a half weeks. Sharing many late nights with her, our brother and our mates at a wedding, a sibs night and two different girls' nights with mom and Christine has sent me to bed quite late too many times. (My apologies, I'm very tired now and that sentence doesn't seem like it is constructed too well. But I cannot figure out how to fix it.) I never can go straight to bed, but must unwind for awhile with the Bible, a good book or a movie.

One of the best parts of her visit, Aunt Jayme spent one day with each of her nieces and nephew - the best gift she could give them, her undivided attention.
On Noah's day last week they played miniature golf and ate corn dogs and root bear. Yesterday, on Bronwen's day they did each other's hair, visited the make-up counter at Macy's, walked through the pet store and had lunch and played at Chick-filet. 
I don't yet have pictures of those days, but here are some other things we've been up to this week.

Yesterday Noah and Annabelle and I had a picnic at the park across the street.

Today we visited a friend's farm and helped to exercise her miniature horse Honey.

And we said goodbye to a favorite spot which will soon be destroyed to make room for school bus parking.


Kristine said...

I love the pics and I'm glad you have had such great times with your sister these last couple of weeks. We missed you last night and I can't wait to share the awesome prayer time we had.

Talk to you soon.

hannah elizabeth said...

oh, i love the photos! that place at Penn was always so nice, i'm sad they are tearing the trees down.
talk soon.

jodyfoznot said...


I'm thinking about you and praying for you tonight. I'm so glad you and Jayme are spending these lovely summer days together. (I wish MY Jamie and I could have some days together, but it sure does get infinitely harder when both sisters have many children!) :o)

Great pictures, by the way.

Love you,