Friday, July 25, 2008


Blue is my favorite color and yet I don't have much in my home. But the more I looked, the more I found. In the more public spaces I tend to decorate in warm, welcoming colors. In our more private spaces I use cooler, more relaxing colors. So blues have found a home upstairs in Noah's bedroom, the master bedroom and bathroom. (The girls' room is green).

Post a comment if you've accepted the challenge and I'll come take a look at your beautiful blues!

Annabelle's eyes

The pillows came with the couch, but I don't like them - too modern for my taste. I'll be recovering them soon I hope. I'm thinking something stripy but that's all I'll give away.

Handmade pottery by an artisan in the family.

Afghan lovingly crocheted by a cousin for our wedding. Snake not included.

The wall paper in my kitchen. The kitchen is blue and yellow, thanks to another family but when it is finished it will not be blue anymore.

Blown glass vase which reminds me of the crystal candlesticks I carried back from Sweden's Orrefors. But they are packed away - because I didn't have much blue to go with them - so they are a picture for another post.

Tea for one, or for three young.

Curtains I made for Noah's icy blue room.

Bathroom accessories for when the project is completed.

blue vase with pussy willow in my bedroom

slate blue coverlet

A dormer for reading or cuddling

My newish vacuum cleaner because what is a domestic engineer with out one?


Kristine said...

Yeah! I was just thinking the other day "I hope Jeny gives out a blue challenge soon." I am up for the challenge.

Jayme said...

Ooo, Fun! I don't have much blue either...maybe I can take the challenge after the weekend. Marta and Elias are with us for the next three days!

Kristen said...

hey thanks for the robot information! I am excited to check it out!

Elizabeth said...

Ah, foiled yet again! I even have a few blue shots waiting! Can we just say that green is my challenge to issue?;-)I'd like to beat you to at least one, heehee!