Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cooking 101 - Mama's little helpers

First, procure two cherub chefs and don you aprons

Togue optional, but very cute

What is a chef without the tools of her trade?

Ready, set . . . cook!

Don't you know that dinner tasted especially wonderful tonight?


Cory and Beth said...

That is just precious :-)

Jayme said...

I had to do a triple-take at Bronwen, because I could've sworn it was you. I think the dandelion behind her was doing just the right trick on her eyes to make her look even more like you than usual. How precious are your pair of girls, and fleeting the moments, like pale pink buds in a pressed glass vase. That Opus 28 by Dustin O'Halloran was playing during my visit. What a poignant peice. Beautiful. Happy Birthday. Hope its wonderful.

Kristine said...

Hope you are having a wonderful Birthday and hope you steal a moment for yourself on your special day.


jodyfoznot said...

How lovely are your daughters, Jeny! I can see a glimpse of the Godly women they will one day become! You're doing such a great job with them!

My goodness, aren't they cute!!!

Love you, birthday girl!

Adrienne said...

Happy birthday, friend! Hope your day is wonderful. I so enjoy looking at your blog. You are an inspiration to me!