Saturday, August 2, 2008

fading beauty

They turned such pretty colors as they died.
I love the tiny bubbles clinging to the stems for dear life.

Have a beautiful weekend dear ones!


Kristine said...

They are magnificent. Hope you are still feeling better. See you Wednesday.


PS If your mom wants to come as well bring her along. The girls absolutely fell in love with her and I know she would be a great prayer asset.:) How could anyone not fall in love with your mom though?:)

Danielle said...

How are you feeling? I agree with your comment on Kristine's blog: thank God for his mercy and endless "second chances." Thanks for having Kristine e-mail us so we could pray. I'm still not sure about this Wednesday. My brother is home from California and Wednesday we're starting our "stacation" at Mom and Dad's for the rest of the week. If not, maybe we can meet at a park or have a phone date? I want to hear how you're doing and I have a lot of questions to ask. Love you.