Tuesday, August 26, 2008


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Most of the green I have around my home is, no not money, but living plant life.  Once I started looking, I came up with some beautiful details of a simple life.

Our house is green and not the popular eco friendly "green" but the actual color. The exact shade is unknown but it's a grayish, greenish blue asphalt shingle. But it will be painted a mossy, earthy shade of green very soon. Oh, and we are pretty eco friendly "green" too but not because it is the popular thing to do right now.

A Belleek china sugar bowl by sister brought back from Ireland. I love the creamy delicate colors.

A plant - I know it's name but I don't know how to spell it - I've grown from a leaf cutting.

Mortar and pestle from Jody

A faux verdigris plant stand, ceramic pot and Norfolk pine: green, green, green

The tiles around my fireplace.
The stained glass in a lamp shade.

The chalkboard
The girls' bedroom. Pea soup anyone?

The green fabric from my grandmother's sewing room, sewn together by Josh's grandma.

Annabelle's frog and our dining room floor.

I'm waited on the color post for this month because a friend wanted to introduce it first. 
She gave me the okay to go ahead with this beautiful color of August.

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Elizabeth said...

???How did I miss this?? Okay, you can have green. I will just reply;-)I'll come up with one in October! heehee