Thursday, August 28, 2008

Decisions decisions

Trying to find the perfect shade for a rather dreary bathroom.


Kristine said...

How exciting to be at the paint decision stage! I hope to see you soon. These last couple of weeks have been so crazy. Hope you can make it this Wednesday for prayer.

jeny said...

It's funny . . . I can only paint one wall right now, but need to do it before the sink goes in. The whole project is being done in weird stages. Part of the floor will be tiled, part of the room painted.
One day, I will have a whole bathroom!

Elizabeth said...

You can talk to me about unfinished bathrooms to make yourself feel better;-) Let's see, we started mother's day 2004? Still not complete!
I like the darker,creamy color, it's what I have in the classroom. Soothing, yet uplifting.
love you

jeny said...

Bronwen was surprised to find out that there will be a sink in the downstairs bathroom. There hasn't been one since before she was born!