Friday, June 26, 2009

Bronwen's bedtime prayer

Tonight she prayed:
" . . . we're ready Jesus, so just call us up when you're ready."

Bronwen has such a heart for Jesus. Remember this conversation

She is going to do great things for His kingdom.


Jayme said...

That precious girl--you know there's always something going on behind those big, brown eyes. How I love her...

jodyfoznot said...

So precious. I love her, too. She looks SO big in this picture. I know I'm going to be shocked when I see them in a couple of weeks!

I can't wait!

Love you!

Senae said...

Thanks for your comment. I am much inspired by your writing as well. I always feel such peace when reading your blog and looking at your pictures. Your little ones are growing so much too. I hope you are having a happy summer. Not much longer til little Sprout is here!! Congrats, and I hope you get all the ice you desire!! Sincerely, Senae