Sunday, October 19, 2008

An Adventure birthday party

It was the perfect day.
Josh set up the tent in the back yard for the kids to play in. It was a beautiful Indian Summer day - sunny and just a little crisp.
An odd year, it was a perfectly low key party. (Odd versus even, not odd, strange.)

The kids painted pumpkins
After dinner Noah opened gifts and enjoyed an ice cream cake.
This game is called Cover Your Tracks. There are little adventure cards with boot tracks marching across. You have four plastic pieces of different shapes and must cover the tracks using as few of the pieces as possible.
Later when he played this game for the first time he exclaimed, "I did it! Oh . . . this is awesome. I have to show Dad."  Thank you Aunt Jayme, it's a hit!

Noah was heard to say many times, this is the *best* birthday ever!

Seven is a big one. I remember seven fondly.

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ANGEL said...

I don't know if you got my message [through your ma] but I called all around lookin for you on Friday...I feel terrible for missing wishing Noah a Happy Birthday! Looks like he had a fantastic day...please give him huge hugs and kisses from me.

Love you's!!