Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pony party

Bronwen ran into the house shouting, "Mom, there's a HORSE in the yard!" 
She was a natural atop her three foot steed. I was a little worried she might be fearful, but she didn't hesitate at all and completely enjoyed her pony ride. She kept saying what a big horse it was, not a little one.

Annabelle looks like an ol' cow hand . . . from the Rio Grande!

Noah - in Daddy's old boots - a perfect cowboy.
The cousins enjoy their turns on the sweet little pony, "Betsy."

Aunt Jayme joins the party from Boston via Skype. Noah is telling her about his ride I think.
After all the riders are finished, they thank the little pony with carrots.
A little girl talk with cousins Petra (L) and Madelyn (R)
Annabelle has decided that she does not care for the grass on her toes.

Saying goodbye to Betsy
Little bundles for the guests
Horse cake

Such a big girl.  Happy Birthday Bronwen.

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Adrienne said...

What a wonderful party! Emma is a huge horselover too... I actually found that cake on and have contemplated making it. Yours turned out great! :)