Thursday, January 31, 2008

Two of a kind

I dressed Annabelle in this sweet outfit today. It has been lovingly passed on to us after my neices were done with it. At least 3 other girls in the family have worn it, including Bronwen. I just love the dainty pink and red flowers, the crisp white peter pan color (how can it still be crisp after three other owners?) and the red and green stiching across the front.
It's in such nice condition because it's sized 3-6 months and babies that small don't make much of a mess. My girls are petite so they've been able to get a little longer wear from it.

One morning recently, Noah helped Bronwen get dressed and this is how she came to breakfast. Surprised, I was sure that she was only wearing it as a top, tucking in the rest. Upon further investigation, I found that they had gotten all the snaps fastened and she appeared to be quite comfortable and proud of herself.


Christine said...

This made me laugh out loud, Jeny! She looks quite cute in it. Did you convince her that it was too small?

Jayme said...

Christine literally took the words right out of my mouth. An unbridled guffaw. Seeing the sweet, innocent Annabelle and in the very same unexpected outfit, the hilariously smug Bronwen. Priceless.

Senae said...

So adorable. They both look so sweet.