Monday, January 14, 2008


Yes, it is a country. This was a recent topic of discussion and I am happy to inform you with confidence that it is a country. Here are some interesting facts:
Belgium is located in Western Europe, bordering the North Sea, between France and the Netherlands. The capital is Brussels.
population: 10,364388
Chief of State: King Albert II
Head of Government: Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt
Dutch (60%), French (40%), German (less than 1 %) are the officicial languages.
There are 750 Hotels
Favorite Detective: Hercule Poirot (writer Agatha Christie's Belgian detective.)

I obtained this information through the CIA. Seriously, I found this really great site:
(sorry for the long web address, this is my first blog with my new Macbook and I haven't figured out how to make a link yet.)
I thought you might be interested, especially those home schoolers out there. I think it's a great reference for Geography and World History. However, it is the CIA, so they are probably keeping track of who visits!


Cory and Beth said...

Cory is loving Liberty Mutual! It is such a different pace from his last job; he doesn't even feel like he is working. We are thankful for the change for Cory's sake :-)

Jayme said...

Ah ha! Well, who knew? Sounds like a vegetable to me...;o)

Angel said...

Thanks Jen for the Ficus advise! Who knew yellow falling leaves meant too much H2O :(

I've got some sprouting at the bottom so thats a good sign!

How are your grandparents settling in?