Friday, January 25, 2008


Here Mama, let me straighten the camera for you . . . there, that's better. Now I'm ready!

I'm ten months old today, and I must say I'm feeling very good about that.

I love to chew on everything, even my bottom lip which is why I have a chapped ring you may or may not notice in these photos.

I'm very happy

But I've also taken on a very serious, pensive side too.

I'm quite vocal, saying "Mama", "Hi" and many other things no one really understands. Even though I didn't do it for this photo session, I can pull my self up to some things (my crib) and stand with a pretty good balance. And I'm trying to crawl, but can't quite get my arms and legs to co-operate, so I end up pulling myself accross the floor on my belly. Well, it's been very nice chatting with you. Next time, tell me about yourself!
Bye Bye!


Christine said...

Can it be true? 10 months?! She is a doll baby! I saw more family resemblance in these pictures. But I can't quite put my finger on it.
Love you! xoxoxo (give one those kisses to the doll baby. And if you can spare them, one to her big brother and sister too.)

(btw - is that the sweater I made for Bronwen?)

Brittani said...

Wow, two more months till the big O.N.E.! How exciting. It was great spending some time with her on Tuesday even though I had to keep my eye on the other lil ones :)

Cory and Beth said...

She's so beautiful!

jodyfoznot said...


You are not only stunningly beautiful, but outrageously talented as well. Scooting across the room? Pulling yourself up? Amazing! And you forgot to mention your ability to melt hearts all around you with a single gaze. That one comes in handy with Daddy, I'm sure!

Love you, cutie pie,
Aunt Jody

Jayme said...

You are certainly the sunshine around you know something I don't? And your serious shot looks just like Bronwen! Love you, precious child.

Senae said...

She is so precious Jeny. I could just pick her up & hug her over & over. I loved reading your commentary.