Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial day

His name was Peter Kaplon and he fought in The Great War. His grave lies across from my grandparents' and is sadly forgotten. We never knew him or his family and very possibly no one is left to come tend his marker. Every year the caretakers of the cemetery leave a crisp new flag for each veteran, but the dried leaves and grass all but covered his name.

He died when my dad was seven. 
Today my seven year old son cleaned up his grave and planted a flower next to the flag.

Thank you Peter Kaplon for serving your country and securing a future for many new generations. We remember you and the countless others who gave. All gave some; some gave all.


Anonymous said...

Thank you and bless you all, Jeny. That is an especially touching entry. I keep checking yours and Jayme's blogs hoping for some Boston pics and stories !!!!

Enjoy a beautiful day...blessed with freedom because of all the Peter Kaplons!!!
God bless America!
Love, Lori

Kristine said...

Amazing!!! Noone who has protected our freedom should be forgotten.

Jayme said...

What a beautiful entry. That doesn't even look like Grandma's cemetary. We went to a cemetary in Cambridge and I found a grave that looked like Grandma's and put a flower on it...Thanks for taking care of hers so faithfully.

Elizabeth said...

I got goose bumps, what a wonderful tribute to an American Hero. What a wonderful lesson for Noah!

Arin said...

I'm way late, but.....wow. Thanks for that. And thank you Noah.