Friday, May 1, 2009

May day

For me, May the first is the promise of a beautiful, bountifully blooming spring. After months of winter whites and grays, the colors are vibrant and alive, the plants are bursting forth.

This is the last Spring here at my home of ten years. It would have been difficult to leave my garden to another, trusting her with my friends. But we are keeping this property as a rental and so the garden will still be mine!

 I intend to transplant some of my garden joy to the new home we have finally found. 

Don't forget to dead head your lilacs right after blooming this year, so ensure a bountiful bloom next year! The new blooms for next year will begin forming within a few weeks of these blooms fading.


jodyfoznot said...

I read the phrase "new home we finally found" and sharply inhaled. They said yes?

Elizabeth said...

My lilacs finally bloomed this year! Just a few, but it's about time! ;-)