Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Moving in slow motion

There are days I feel like I'm moving in slow motion while the world around me is careening by at break-neck speeds. Lately I'm having more and more of these days pile up on each other. While it is lovely to move along on impervious to the goings on outside, it is also a little discomfiting to turn around and become aware that another week, (or two or three) has gone by.

I am enjoying this slower paced season right now because I know it is all about to change. We plan to build a new home in a nearby town this summer and while it won't be ready until August, we need to be out of this home by June so three college coeds can move in for their senior year.
The house needs to be orderly at all times for the prospective tenants' walk-thrus which should begin in the next week or two. Not an easy task for a homeschooling household with three young children.

And so we've begun to move. In slow motion. 
There is something to be said for having the time to do this. Things we rarely use or are extras are being donated. The garbage and recycle bins are filling up every few days. Toys and out of season clothes are in storage. Projects are getting finished up. We've been packed to the rafters for so long, having outgrown this old bungalow, it seems the house heaves a giant breath and I join with a sigh of relief. It feels good.


Elizabeth said...

If you need an extra set of hands...praying for you! :-)
love ya!

Brittani said...


Jayme said...

Its going to be a packed year and you just have to take it one day at a time--the details will fall into place as you seek God's face. Love you!

ANGEL said...

awww congrats guys!!