Sunday, September 28, 2008

A great help and comfort

* So many dear friends who reached out to me and my family with their prayers, comforting words and physical help.
* The meal schedule set up by a friend and the many, many meals prepared for my parents in the last several weeks when Grandpa's care required a twenty four hour vigil.
* The Hospice nurses who came in this last week who treated Grandpa with such tenderness and respect. They brought help to my mom as she had reached the limitations of her abilities.
* The sweet guys from Alec's Home Medical who brought in and set up the oxygen tank and the hospital bed.
* My children who brought life and laughter into the sick room. They were not afraid which was such a sweet reminder of the Lord's love for us, even and especially at a time like this. 
* My husband's strong embrace.
* Hot salty tears.

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