Monday, September 22, 2008

Great Harvest

Autumn is here. It has been whispering, tempting us for a few weeks now, but I have stubbornly clung to the last days of Summer. 
Now its time to embrace the changing seasons, the beautiful transitory colors, the crisp morning air and dark cool nights. I love Autumn. I think it is my favorite. 
But then I say that to each of the seasons, "No you're my favorite - really you are."

I do look forward to the comfort foods of fall. I think it supplies the best in comfort food.
Yes, I love Autumn most of all.

Nine Grain bread

Fresh ground 100% Whole wheat flour, water, honey, 9 grain mix yeast, salt, and eggs

Picked this beauty up from the market this morning, but Great Harvest also has a store on Grape Road. Let me just tell you, it is so delicious. In our quest to become sugar free, without the artificial sweeteners as a substitute, I am finding honey to be a delicious natural alternative.

Another favorite shop is Breadsmith on 23 in South Bend.


Kristine said...

Fall is the best isn't it! I know I keep trying to use those last summer fruits and vegetables in these last weeks they will be available but the pumpkin and squash's have been callling my name. This week I'm going to give in.:) Honey is the best sweetener. I go through so much in a week.
See you soon.

Elizabeth said...

I can see why Autumn might be your favorite. I won't tell Summer. Or Winter or Spring for that matter;-)