Saturday, April 14, 2007

Bronwen's Birthday

She was being such a ham! I have so many pictures of her standing there with her balloons, grinning from ear to ear. If I click through them quickly, she moves and reminds me of a little charlie chapman waddling around!

Bronwen turned two today . . .it's so hard to believe how fast the hands of time are turning. Mom and Dad always said that time goes by more quickly the older you get.

She's felt a little insecure and stressed since Annabelle's arrival (that's alot to handle when you're only two!) So we tried to make her feel extra special today. We had dinner at our favorite family restaurant, Applebees and the wait staff doted on her, which is hard not to do after one look at those big brown eyes. She came home with a bunch of balloons and was feeling pretty silly. We got a bunch of great shots, as you can see above. I had a hard time picking a favorite.
Noah had insisted on buying Bronwen a stuffed dog just like his because she loves his so much. He delighted in wrapping it for her and then watching her glee as she unwrapped it and realized what it was. Noah you are such a sweet boy! Bronwen felt very special and very loved as she fell asleep tonight.

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