Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Swiftly fly the days

Life marches. And runs swiftly. But never the slow creeping days I remember from childhood. I've been trying for months to get back to my blog. Such tender memories are stored here. I ache to get back to these pages, recording our days together.

There was some sort of malfunction with my site and I had absolutely no idea how to solve it, so that defeated me and kept me away longer. But today, I tried again and as I was giving my problem words to the great unknown Blogger Help Forum, suddenly my humble little blog appeared for longer than five seconds and I was actually able to start a new post. So Blogger Help Forum is SO helpful, you need only to begin to reach out to them I guess.

I have lots to think out here. Oodles to share. And maybe just maybe I'll get caught up from before. I have lots written, but just never published. And then, I just stopped altogether.

So today, I leave you with our view.

Mid-Summer skies in the midwest are always full and hanging happily over the farm fields. This year instead of the scorching August heat we've been blessed with mild temperatures. So much so, we can leave windows open at night to cool the house.
I love it.
It does make beaching and pooling a much chillier endeavor.

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