Monday, September 26, 2011

Bound for greatness

This girl was born for something great.

Like maybe the stage and she will follow in Aunt Jayme's footsteps.

I cannot begin to tell you how she blesses my heart. And melts me.

Here she tells of how her tooth came out last night, with a little help from her big brother.
She would hardly let me touch the tooth, but he, oh HE is allowed to help with tooth pulling. It's quite an honor.

And so she has lost another tooth. The much anticipated Other Front Tooth. The one that was momentarily upstaged by a silly little bottom tooth that popped out earlier this week. The one that now leaves her mouth exquisitely gaping and not a little like her infancy when those top two came in after her incisors.

Sweet little face.


jodyfoznot said...

She is absolutely destined for greatness! Love her toothlessness. Lily had her top teeth pulled when she had her bone graft surgery. But she never had a gap-toothed smile. And now one of her adult teeth has already emerged. Tragic.

Matt Smith said...

Jeny, so glad you came by my blog. I've been out if it lately too. I haven't had the energy. Things have been hard for our family since my father in law passed away 9 months ago, and each day just seems like a mixture of blessings & joy and sadness. You would think 9 months later, we'd be getting back to normal, but things have actually gotten harder lately. I love your blog, and I like looking at the Little Gray School House to see what you're working on in school too. You have a beautiful family. I don't know if you have time to do such a thing, but would you like to become penpals? If so e-mail me at naebfli at yahoo dot com. ;) ~~Senae

Senae said...

I didn't realize my husband's account was logged in and not mine. Sorry. Matt Smith is my husband, and the post above was from me, not him. ~~Senae

Jayme said...

Hey Sis, didn't know you were "back." I adore these pictures...yes, she is meant for greatness!!