Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's gotta be one of these

Oh . . . if only his eyes were open!

Oh for the days of tying to keep only one child in frame!

Hmmm, Bronwen is about to loose it.

Ooh, I like that one.

Now look at the little one . . . she's off in her own world.

Okay let's call it quits!

I wish I could figure out the merge tool in photoshop.


Jayme said...

A. Dorable. Looks like you got a couple keepers, at least. Can I have one?

Elizabeth said...

There's a shot in there where Noah looks so much like your Dad! I feel your pain on keeping all 3 focused on the task...We did ours out in the snow, I think the extra pressure of the cold and motivation of the hot cocoa to come helped..a little. ;-)

Mandi said...

I miss you dear friend :)! I am also very glad that I am not the only person who has to take 199 pictures before I get that one acceptable one ;)! Praise the Lord for digital cameras! What did we ever do before them?